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Warp 8 Studio is a high quality green-screen facility and meeting room, conveniently located immediately outside of downtown Vancouver. The Studio is designed for optimal green-screen usage and is suited to video and film production, as well as performing live webcasts.

Our facility is comprised of two rooms. The main area is suitable for classroom activities and meetings, or acting as a storage and preparation area for production in the studio. The main room is capable of accommodating 16 to 20 attendees in a classroom or meeting style setting. This area is equipped with a 65” display and a computer workstation for controlling and annotating the display.

The adjoining room is the green-screen studio facility for activities that require a virtual environment. The ceiling grid can be used to hang wall coverings for those who wish to use the area as a traditional studio. When combined with our TriCaster video mixer and other post-production facilities, you have a complete end-to-end recording and Internet broadcasting facility.

For more information specific to your needs, please choose one of the following links that is appropriate for your intended usage:

Video and Film Production
Corporate video production or meetings


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