Corporate Production

Whether you need a classroom-style setup to run and record a training course, or want to webcast a presentation or a speaker in a real or virtual environment, Warp 8 Studio will meet your needs.

Here are some of the uses Warp 8 Studio can provide your organization:

  • Webcast an announcement, presentation or product rollout
  • Host meetings and teleconferences
  • Record your training sessions
  • Record your sessions to DVD and computer media files (including flash for web playback).

The meeting and classroom area is equipped with a 65” display, and computer workstation for controlling and annotating the display. Most types of files, including PowerPoint or video files, can be displayed through the system, and annotated. The display can be captured for later viewing, or if you are recording the entire presentation the display can be mixed into the final product or outgoing display for presentation enhancement.

The adjoining room is a green-screen studio facility for other activities that require a virtual environment. Panel discussions, demonstrations, training videos are standard uses of this area. We have a teleprompter for those of you who want to do direct-to-camera presentations.

Additional Services
We have staff available to operate the cameras and video equipment. If you need the use of an Internet streaming server for large audiences, Warp 8 Studio can provide you with access at reasonable prices.

Please contact us for further information on studio/classroom bookings and rental costs


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